Our commitment to the quality leads us to take care of every step throughout the production and marketing process.


• It is harvested at the right time

• We are informed at all times of the plantations

• We regularly visit the different production areas in the field or in the stores

• We control via laboratory the analysis

• We plan production with the customer

• We guarantee the total process of traceability from farm to shop

• We are proud of supporting the sustainable agriculture

• Our processes of cultivation and distribution are regulated by European standards, compliance with good agricultural practices




Best Quality Fruits has complete cycles of both fruits and vegetables. With the production activities of the seeds and crop it is allowed full traceability of the fruit and vegetables that are produced. Real traceability, which moves to the label for the customer to the extent that they are also held by the company.  The marketing processes, with control centers of the fresh fruits and vegetables, and facilities with control and assurance systems of the processes with ISO certificates, BRC ...




Best Quality Fruits seeks the integration of the production and marketing process in the environment; respecting the environment and natural balance; prohibiting the use of chemical products (artificial fertilizers and pesticides) and genetically modified organisms.



Standards, protocols and quality systems

Best Quality Fruits common standards for classifying homogeneous products (typing), uniform in time and space according to defined characteristics in their nature, quality, presentation, etc.


That is why our commercial quality is based on the standards developed by PROCESSING international organizations as the UN / ECE and OECD compliance with Regulation (EC) No 1580/2007, which governs the implementing provisions in the fruit and vegetables.


Best Quality Fruits is concerned:

* Critical Control Points (HACCP).

* Integrated Production.

* Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

* Food Hygiene.

* Traceability.

* Etc.

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¿Qué producto necesitas?                           What product do you need?

Sólo ofrecemos los productos más frescos, por ello nuestra oferta varia en función del calendario de producción. Mira aquí nuestras frutas y verduras de temporada.


We only offer the freshest products, so our offer varies depending on the timing of 

production. Check here our fruits and vegetables of the season.

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